Bohemian Fishtail Braid

For a relaxed Bohemian look, there is no better style than the messy fishtail braid. But what if we told you that you could get a beautiful fish tail look without having to actually braid?

Thats right, this looks like a braid, but its not! This style takes less than five minutes to complete, and once you complete it, it will become a favorite go to style!

Things you will need to complete this style.

1.  Wet Brush  (We carry this in our salon)

2.  Small Clear hair Bands 

3.  Unite Texturize Spray This stuff is magical. If you’re local you can pick this up in our salon!

4.  Bobby Pins

5.  Unite Expanda Dust A MUST for BIG BRAIDS . You can purchase at our salon.

6.  T3 Wand

     Start with teasing your crown, then add loose waves throughout your hair. You want a good amount of        texture to work with so teasing, curling, and using product is very important.

  1. Start with placing your ponytail wherever you want it using a clear plastic elastic.
  2. Spray Unite Texturize Spray throughout the ponytail.
  3. Next, about an inch from the top elastic, gather a small piece of hair from each side of your ponytail and secure it in to a mini ponytail. Tighten your mini ponytail by pulling both sides at the bottom.
  4. Repeat as far down as you would like. As you go down, use a littleUnite Expanda Dust as you go, this will give you insane texture. Finish the braid all the way down or stop mid length so you can add a fun piece of fabric like we did!
  5. Spray with Unite Texturize Spray   once more , and start to pull the pieces loose with your fingers to have the full effect of the braid.

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